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Our company ethos is openness and transparency towards our customers. We deliver what we promise and for your information and convenience we have compiled a menu list (price list) to clearly display our mechanical engineering capabilities and services that you can receive from our auto repair garage.


Car Performance
Car Safety Checks (per car) £20.00
Car Computer Diagnostics (per car) £25.00
Car ECU Repairs (per car) £120.00
Car ECU Remapping [Stage 1] (per car) £120.00
Car Gearbox Cloning (per car) TBA
Car Key Programming (per key) £100.00
Car Engine
Car Engine Diagnostics (per car) £30.00
Car Engine Repair (per car) £150.00
Car Engine Change (per car) £500.00
Timing Belt Replacement (per belt) £150.00
Timing Chain Replacement (per chain) £300.00
Car Turbo Repair (per turbo) £150.00
Car Turbo Replacement (per turbo) £150.00
Fuel Injection Service (per car) £100.00
Fuel Pump Repair (per car) £200.00
Fuel Pump Replacement (per car) £250.00
Car Air Conditioning, Cooling & Heating
Auxiliary Belt Replacement (per belt) £40.00
Car Water Pump Replacement (per car) £120.00
Car Air Conditioning Service (per car) £50.00
Car Air Conditioning Repair (per car) £50.00
Car Heating System Repair (per car) £50.00
Car Electrical & Lighting
Car Battery Replacement (per battery) £30.00
Spark Plugs Change (per car) £30.00
Glow Plugs Change (per car) £80.00
Ingnition System Repair (per car) £60.00
Ingnition System Replacement (per car) £60.00
Auto Generator Repair (per car) n/a
Auto Generator Replacement (per car) £70.00
Electrical Wiring Repair (per car) £80.00
Interior Electronics Repair (per fault) £80.00
Light Bulb Replacement (per bulb) £10.00
Headlights and Tail Lights Replacement (per block) £20.00
Car Body
Car Body Part Replacement (per part) n/a
Car Towbar Installation (per car) n/a
Muffler Installation (per car) n/a
Wiper Blades Replacement (per car) £20.00
Wiper Water Hose Cleaning (per car) n/a
Wiper Motor Replacement (per car) £60.00
Car Brakes
Brake Friction Repair (per wheel) £40.00
Brake Pad Replacement (per pair) £30.00
Brake Disc Replacement (pair pair) £50.00
Brake ABS Sensor Replacement (per one) £40.00
Brake Hose Replacement (per pair) £80.00
Car Suspension & Steering
Stock Absorber Repair (per pair) £120.00
Stock Absorber Replacement (per pair) £120.00
Coil Spring Replacement (per pair) £100.00
Air Suspension Repair (per car) £80.00
Suspension Arms & Joints Replacement (per pair) £80.00
Engine Mount Replacement (per pair) £120.00
Anti Roll Bar Replacement (per pair) £40.00
Car Steering Repair (per car) £80.00
Steering Wheel Alignment (per car) £45.00
Car Transmission
Auto Gearbox Repair (per car) £300.00
Auto Gearbox Replacement (per car) £300.00
Car Clutch Replacement (per car) £250.00
Car Exhaust
Car Exhaust Repair (per car) £50.00
Car Exhaust Replacement (per car) £50.00
Catalytic Converter Cleaning (per car) n/a
Catalytic Converter Replacement (per car) £100.00
DPF Cleaning (per car) £50.00
DPF Replacement (per car) £120.00
ERG Valve Cleaning (per car) £50.00
ERG Valve Replacement (per car) £60.00
Car Filters & Fluids
Cabin Air Filter (per car) £10.00
Fuel Filter Change (per car) £20.00
Engine Air Filter Change (per car) £10.00
Engine Oil & Filter Change (per car) £30.00
Gearbox Oil & Filter Change (per car) £80.00
Rear Differential Oil Change (per car) £40.00
Steering Fluid Replacement (per car) £50.00
Suspension Fluid Replacement (per car) n/a
Brake Fluid Replacement (per car) £50.00
Car Coolant Change (per car) £50.00
Windscreen Fluid Replenishment (per car) £30.00
Specific Grease Application (per location) £30.00
Other Fluids Replacement (per location) n/a


Disclaimer: The indicated minimum prices are for labour only and may vary according to the type, make and model of a vehicle. Quotes for required car parts may be provided by our company separately, alternatively customers may supply their own compatible parts prior to service.

Should you require clarification about particular services feel free to reach out to our customer services using the chat, phone call, or write us an email filling in the form below.

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