LDR Twin Turbo Camaro RS With 3600 HP


By  | March 10, 2021

Twin Turbo Camaro SS

By Dave Ashton

In a world where most car manufacturers are eyeing up their future electrical go-karts, it’s refreshing to see a Chevrolet Camaro pump out old-school horsepower. In the short video below, the guys from FuelTech USA push this dragster Twin Turbo Camaro to its power limits.

To reach the heady heights of 3,581 hp at 8169 RPM, the whole vehicle had been reworked from the ground up, with only the outer shell being original. While the video doesn’t give the full specs of the car, the description shows that the engine has been treated to a FuelTech FT600 EFI System, FTSPARK Ignition System, and new FuelTech FT Injectors. The owner of the car is listed as Scott Tidwell, with the driver being Paul Gargus, and the whole build is optimized for the limited drag radial class.

[embedded content]

The whole twin-turbo setup can be heard in its full glory halfway through the video. Two dyno passes are documented in the video, producing ever-increasing horsepower numbers. The car also looks like a showcase piece for FuelTech’s product line. From the evidence in the video, the company has done a fine job on this front.

Twin Turbo Camaro SS

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