Ford Mustang Bullitt vs Lexus LC 500 Drag Race


By  | January 13, 2021

Bullitt vs Lexus

By Dave Ashton

There’s nothing like the regular dopamine or adrenaline hit of watching a drag race. In this case, the lineup is between a Ford Mustang Bullitt and a Lexus LC.

Both cars have a good wallop of power, starting with the Ford Mustang Bullitt, which is the 50th-anniversary vehicle to commemorate the iconic Steve McQueen movie. Power-wise, the Mustang comes with a 5 L V8, producing 459HP and 529Nm of torque, through a 6-speed manual transmission. In terms of weight, the Mustang comes in at 1851kg.

In the opposing corner is the Lexus LC500 which also has a 5 L V8 engine, with slightly more oomph at 464HP and 530Nm of torque. The Lexus also has a 10-speed automatic transmission and is also rear-wheel drive. The Lexus also weighs more than the Mustang, coming in at 1965kg.

What’s interesting about this test is that it’s carried out by two Brits on native soil. This makes the test interesting as it obviously never stops raining over there. Thus, making the drag race in the wet an additional test of traction and handling.

Both cars are also available in native hand drive in Europe and have been selling rather well. Both cars have made an impact, being viable alternatives to the usual fare of performance vehicles such as Porsche and BMW.

How these vehicles sell in nondomestic markets is also worth keeping an eye on. After the slump in 2020, sales abroad are more important than ever to keep a brand alive.

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If you want see the results of the drag race you will have to watch the full video. It’s very Top Gear-esque in its presentation, but at least it gives a closer look at how these vehicles perform down a straight.

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