1,000HP Shelby GT500s Drag Race


By  | November 20, 2020


By Dave Ashton

There’s nothing like a spontaneous drag race for the sheer adrenaline rush. Mostly these affairs are between two completely different vehicles. This time around we have a pair of highly modified 2020 Shelby GT500s, pitting like-for-like.

These two 2020 Shelby GT500s have a lot in common in that they both develop 1,000 horsepower on drag slicks. But the silver pony also has 18-inch wheels in the rear and the green version of the GT500 has had its seats removed to reduce weight.

[embedded content]

Prerace stats. are one thing for dialing in the right amount of force and for final tweaks. But it’s the final runs that count, no matter how well each car performed in the run-ups.

At first, both vehicles had some loss of traction, dropping in the 60-foot times to 1.8-seconds. Eventually, both vehicles hit a 9.9-second time, but there was one winner, by just a sliver. You will obviously have to watch the video to find out who eventually won.

Clearly, both vehicles are very capable on the strip. But what is the final conclusion from this little race? In our eyes, it shows that even with modifications, the latest GT500 is standardized enough to produce predictable outcomes. This means that you have a good idea within a few hundredths of a second what these vehicles are capable of in the real world.

Therefore, if you want to soup up your own GT500 with similar mods. (from the video description they have at least been treated to a ‘2020 GT500 Mods SPE Pulley’, ‘FOR PORTED BLOWER for 2020 GT500 from KONG Performance’ and ‘L&M Engines Cams’) you may get somewhere in the ballpark.

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