MOT Repairs


MOT FACTS: Any car over three years old, by law, must pass a MOT test to demonstrate roadworthiness. Cars can fail for a variety of reasons, but here are the most common ones, according to research published by What Car? Magazine in April 2014: Screen wash is not topped up: A dirty car full of clutter, so do clean and tidy the car: Registration plates missing, stained or with incorrect spacing. Personalised plates must follow DVLA rules: Avoid stickers on windscreens that block the driver’s view or within the wipers’ sweep area: Since 2012 a lit-up car warning light will result in a fail.

Our attentive mechanics sort out any underlying problem and keep you motoring safely, and the convenience of a first-time pass.

Other checks to be expected: Vehicle identification number (VIN)

Registration plate: Lights: Steering and suspension: Wipers and washers: Windscreen: Horn: Seat belts and seats: Doors: Mirrors: Wheels and tyres: Brakes: Fuel system: Exhaust system: Vehicle emissions