Filter Change


Our car service will keep your car in “Tip-Top” condition, expect up to 50 or more system and component check by our Highly Qualified Mechanics. A full report is provided, along with replacement of engine fluids as required.

Expect your car too run safely and efficiently, saving you money, and avoiding costly repair bills due to unexpected wear and tear. Our service will extend the life of your car and give you that all-important peace of mind.

1. Top up of brake fluid & anti-freeze

2. Brake Check, including pipes, hoses and shoes

3. Pollen filters, Air filter, oil change

4. Spark plugs/fuel filters

5. Engine inspection

6. Air conditioning check

7. Wheel bearing and shock absorber test

8. Exhaust Check

9. Suspension Checked

10. Clutch and Handbrake check