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In the round-up: Williams’ head of vehicle performance Dave Robson said the team started the season with a compromised aerodynamics package due to cooling problems.

What they say

Robson said the team discovered a shortcoming with its cooling in pre-season testing but wasn’t able to fully resolve it during the pre-season lockdown period:

We didn’t quite have the bits we really needed to to cool the car. Well, we could cool it, but at some compromise to the aerodynamics at round one.

To be honest, we did have some signs of that in winter testing. We thought we had engineered it out. Obviously we didn’t get the chance to do everything we wanted to do once we hit lockdown.

We had new nits for round one and once we ran the car again with those bits we were very quickly on top of it. So we had it sorted out in a couple of days. A bit frustrating we did have to go through that small amount of pain for a start but nonetheless it was a good recovery, I think.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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