Vettel chooses between Schumacher, Senna and Hamilton; who is the best ever?

Sebastian Vettel has (with some caution) discussed the question of who is the very best Formula 1 driver ever. The four-time world champion has to choose between Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher. The Ferrari driver tends towards Schumacher in his answer. 

"Actually, it is presumptuous to name the best of all time. It is impossible to compare a Fangio with a Senna. Or maybe Schumacher would have had a hard time in the 50s, and Fangio would not have been able to make it in 2000", said Vettel in an interview with Die Zeit.

If Vettel has to make a choice, he goes for his compatriot. "I still say that Michael is the best of all times for me. When it came down to it, he unlocked a kind of extra level. I've never felt this fascination, this talent in such a way with anyone else", the German explains his choice.

Schumacher took seven world championships in his career. Hamilton equalled the record champion last week in Turkey thanks to a victory in Istanbul Park.

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