Verstappen: ”If you don’t perform on Sunday, it won’t help you”

The ideal gauge for a Formula 1 driver is his teammate. If you beat your teammate, you show that you can do more with the same equipment. However, in a new video Alexander Albon and Max Verstappen explain that they also have to work together.

In Formula 1, each team has a car that is just a little bit different from the others and because the material differs from each other, it is very difficult to compare the athletes with each other. This is best done within one team, where the drivers generally drive with identical material. However, according to Verstappen and Albon this does not cause any tension at Red Bull Racing.

Verstappen enjoys Red Bull

''You have to look mainly at yourself and it is important to achieve your own goals. That way, you can keep the pressure under control," says Albon in a video of Mobil 1 The Grid. ''Everything is open and you share all the information. We get along well and work together on a goal without hidden agendas. That's what makes Red Bull so special'', explains Verstappen.

In the end, however, it all happens on Sundays, where the drivers can do what they love to do from childhood on. ''Sunday is the best day of the whole weekend. That's what you live for. Friday and Saturday is fun and pole is important, of course, but if you don't do anything on Sunday, it's of no use to you'', concludes the Dutchman.

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