Schumacher gets support: ‘Must drive fast and work for success’

During the Grand Prix weekend at the Nürburgring Mick Schumacher will make his appearance in the first free practice. A debut for the son of, for whom, according to Jean Todt, it didn't all blow up either.

Schumacher is running a good Formula 2 season and has been around a Formula 1 seat as a junior at Ferrari for some time now. After his F3 title it was getting closer and closer and now that he is at the top of the F2 rankings and can test for Alfa Romeo, nothing seems to stop him from making his debut in the sport in 2021.

The new Schumacher is on

''I have known him since he was born and this year he has been doing very well. He has an important name, but a name might open some doors, but it doesn't make you drive faster and achieve success,'' says Jean Todt about the son of his former pupil Michael.

However, his records are in jeopardy and at the next GP Lewis Hamilton will be able to match his number of victories. ''They are two great champions, each the greatest of their generation. At the Nürburgring he can match Michael's number of victories and at the end of the season also his number of world titles'', Todt concludes according to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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