Russell not letting praise from top F1 drivers “get into my head” | RaceFans Round-up

In the round-up: George Russell says he’s not letting the praise he’s received from top drivers in Formula 1 go to his head.

What they say

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are among those who’ve named Russell a potential star of the future:

I obviously really appreciate these comments without a shadow of a doubt. But it’s almost sort of background noise, really, because I know I have to continue to perform week in, week out and as fantastic as it is to get a pat on the back and the praise from these guys, I’ve got to back that up with the job I do on track.

So I’ve always tried not letting comments like this get into my head or anything. I’m doing this for myself and my family. And the biggest amount of pressure I have is from myself and not from anybody else.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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