Ricciardo: Vettel needs patience if he makes F1 move to Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel would need patience and an open mind if he is to make the most of the challenge of switching to Aston Martin, says former team-mate Daniel Ricciardo.

With Vettel in talks with Aston Martin about a seat at the team next year, the current Racing Point outfit's strong form has increased the chances of the four-time Formula 1 world champion electing to commit his future there.

But, the move away from a team like Ferrari that targets world championships every season to an outfit like Aston Martin that is chasing podiums would need a new mindset.

Ricciardo has first-hand experience of jumping from a front-running team into the challenge of a midfield operation after he elected to move from Red Bull to Renault for the start of 2019.

The Australian reckons that, while there is a great deal of satisfaction to be had from pushing a team towards the front of the grid, he is equally aware that there can be some big mental challenges to be overcome in making the transition.

"I think for Seb, in his situation, he's had pretty much his whole career in the sport running at the front," explained Ricciardo, who was Vettel's team-mate at Red Bull in 2014.

"Probably every year he's contested in Formula 1 he's been on the podium more or less, so if he goes into a midfield team it's foreign territory for him.

"I think it requires a bit more of an open mind, certainly some patience. But yeah that's obviously up to him and where he sees the next chapter of his career."

Ricciardo thinks the key decision for Vettel is not about whether he commits to Aston Martin for 2021, but instead it is on if he has the motivation to stick around for long enough to make his involvement pay off.

"I think if he's still got the will to drive and to compete at the top level, then I 100% think he should continue in the sport," he explained.

"If the option is in the midfield somewhere, then it's normally a longer play. So I think he's going to have to show commitment for not just another 12 months, you're talking at least 24 months or three years. Two-three years, let's say that. But that's something he can answer.

"As a previous team-mate, obviously I like Seb, I certainly respect him in the sport and that's why if he wishes to continue I hope he finds a place where he's happy."

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