Red Bull wants to start 2021 competitive: ‘That’s why we made that decision’

2021 will be an odd year for many manufacturers due to a number of new measures in force. Red Bull Racing wants to make good use of that and start the new season competitive right away.

There has been a clear pattern in the development of Red Bull Racing in recent seasons. The team is starting the season at quite a bit behind Mercedes and is getting a little closer as the Grands Prix progresses. Once Mercedes has won all the prizes, Red Bull finally comes alongside.

According to Helmut Marko, this should end next season. "The goal, of course, is to finally align with Mercedes. That's why we developed until the end of the season, because we wanted to make sure we were on the right track with our developments," says the advisor to Auto, Motor und Sport.

Adapting to the measures

Due to the new measures in place, Red Bull will take about 60 percent of this year's car to next season. The new car will therefore carry the title RB16B. "Next year's car is relatively equivalent. It remains to be seen how many points we lose due to the change to the bodywork. But we are on a good track there. That means we will be entering next year with a base that works well".

The question is therefore mainly which team can best absorb the loss of downforce as a result of the measures, but there are of course also the normal developments to the car. "We haven't had the last word on that yet. There will be something new between now and Melbourne," concludes Marko.

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