Red Bull takes precautions, replaced parts of rear wing Verstappen

During the third free practice session it was a striking sight that the rear wing of Max Verstappen was moving a lot. In the run-up to qualifying the problem seemed to be solved and during qualifying similar problems did not recur. Nevertheless Red Bull Racing decided to take action.

In Parc Ferme it is actually forbidden to replace parts, but exceptions can be made for this by the FIA. For McLaren, for example, there are new brake parts for Carlos Sainz's car, and Red Bull has made adjustments for both cars. So also for Alexander Albon, who did not suffer from the problems.

Replacing DRS parts

In both cars a number of parts around the DRS have been replaced, probably as a precaution to avoid similar problems for Verstappen or Albon. Renault also made some adjustments to the car of Esteban Ocon, McLaren to the car of Lando Norris, Alfa Romeo to the car of Antonio Giovinazzi and Haas made some adjustments to the car of Romain Grosjean.

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