Red Bull Racing declassifies competition after umpteenth victory in Abu Dhabi

Red Bull Racing has closed the 2020 Formula 1 season in style. Not only was Max Verstappen the fastest of the whole weekend, but the Red Bull pit stop team was also the fastest in Abu Dhabi.

If there is one part in which Red Bull excels, it is the pit stops. Ever since Red Bull entered F1 it has been a part where a lot of training is done and with success, because of the current field Red Bull is by far the best. This also becomes clear in the ranking that DHL keeps track of.

Red Bull Racing wins by distance

The DHL Fastest Pitstop Award will once again go to Red Bull Racing in 2020, and that was long overdue in Abu Dhabi. Nevertheless, Red Bull was once again the fastest, with a pit stop of 2.36s for Max Verstappen. Alexander Albon also finished seventh, with a pit stop of 2.62s.

They were certainly not the fastest pitstops of Red Bull, which made no less than nine pitstops of less than two seconds this year. It's the only team that managed this. Only Williams took tenth place, with a pit stop of exactly two seconds. In the final standings it is also Williams who is closest to Red Bull Racing, with 264. However, Red Bull has more than double the number of points: 555. The worst team is Haas, who only scored three points.

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