Ocon: “Awesome” to see reaction in France to Gasly’s win | RaceFans Round-up

In the round-up: Esteban Ocon says he was pleased to see the positive response in his home country to the breakthrough win by fellow French driver Pierre Gasly.

What they say

Gasly had run behind Ocon prior to his unexpected win at Monza earlier this month:

It’s awesome to see how the community of France have reacted to that. It’s great. Of course, there hasn’t been a French winner for so long so we are really pleased that Pierre has done that.

Of course, I would have preferred for it to be me, but well done to him. It was not easy and of course he did a fantastic job. I did send him a text on Tuesday saying ‘congratulations, you did a great job’. So let’s let’s hope we have a few more of those in the short future.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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