Norris knew something was wrong: “Couldn’t smell or taste anything”

Lando Norris tested positive for the coronavirus this week. The young Briton will probably pass this test very well, but it means that he will have to be quarantined at least until 18 January. That will give him plenty of time to reflect on last season.

Norris was in Dubai this week to prepare for the new season with a training camp, but he soon realized that something was wrong, according to this quote at "When I couldn't smell or taste anything anymore, I immediately withdrew and did a corona test", which turned out to be positive.

Norris a more complete driver than in 2019

Now that he has nothing else to do, he looks back on his second season in Formula 1 at McLaren. He sees a lot of improvement in himself. In his first year, for example, he found it difficult to be fast throughout the race. He then figured out how he could do it better and in his opinion he was rewarded for that.

"All this work has borne fruit. I can say that I drove with more confidence. I did a better job as a racing driver across the board. I can get more out of the car and I think I am making better decisions," said a confident Norris.

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