Magnussen and Ocon summoned to stewards over crash in practice | 2020 Spanish Grand Prix

Kevin Magnussen and Esteban Ocon have been summoned to the stewards after the Renault driver crashed while trying to avoid his rival.

Ocon hit a wall at the inside of the straight between turns three and four as he swerved to avoid Magnussen.

The Renault driver had just joined the track following a practice start when the incident happened. He was told “Magnussen behind” as he left the pit lane. “Watch for Magnussen, Magnussen timed lap.”

Magnussen then slowed and pulled off the racing line in between turns three and four. Ocon slowed behind him, but then swerved right as the gap between them closed, spinning into the wall.

“Magnussen braked, the car is crashed completely,” he said on the radio after the car came to a stop. “I let past Magnussen because he is on a timed lap and he decelerated.”

Renault appear to have been mistaken that Magnussen was on a timed lap. The Haas driver said “box now” after he completed the previous lap. He had been told Raikkonen was on a fast lap behind him as he approached Ocon and George Russell, who left the pits together.

Magnussen was not given any instructions regarding Ocon. However he did appear to react to the Renault behind him, pulling back onto the racing line as Ocon spun into the wall. Ocon in turn appeared to keep looking at his mirrors prior to the collision.

Ocon and Magnussen were summoned to see the stewards at 13:30 local time, an hour and a half before the start of qualifying.

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