Grosjean on many replays of his horror crash: “I’m not against it”

It was probably the most sensational moment of last season, Romain Grosjean's horror crash in Bahrain. The many replays of the crash - after it was known that Grosjean himself was okay - caused quite a stir.

Important to show

Immediately after the crash, the cameras turned away from the scene of the accident, but once it became clear that Grosjean was in safety, the more many replays were shown. Grosjean thinks it’s important to see this footage. "This way we can explain to every driver how to act in such a situation," the Frenchman told "I think it should be looked at carefully, but in the future I am not against broadcasting these images."

Biggest crash ever

Several drivers let their displeasure be known about the many replays, including Daniel Ricciardo. Grosjean can understand this. "I think it was too much for the drivers at the time to see the footage. As far as I can remember, this was the biggest crash I have ever seen. For the guys who have to get back in, it's very, very tough to have to see that over and over again."

Grosjean can also understand the broadcasting of the replays from the point of view of the director. "It took a long time to rebuild the deposition and it's important that the public understands and processes the situation, and that they see me climbing out of the car over and over again. That it's not a dream, not fake and not imagination."

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