Gasly thanks Honda for “best season so far”

The season in which Pierre Gasly managed to win for AlphaTauri is, according to the French driver, not surprisingly his best season so far. He attributes this not only to his own developments behind the wheel, but also to the power the Honda engine was able to deliver to the team in 2020.

Gasly argues that AlphaTauri was able to start the upward trend early in the year when it came to developments on the car. Gasly explains, quoted by “At the start of the year I thought the season will be a lot more difficult than it has been. In Barcelona when we tried the car there were a couple of things we were not really happy with. On the aero side I think we had some room for improvements and straightaway the team did a pretty big step in the first few races."

Thanks to Honda

“But the trend was just to pick up some pace all the way through the season. Engine wise, I think we have a very competitive power unit now”, says Gasly. The collaboration between AlphaTauri and Honda is coming to an end, due to the exodus of the engine supplier from Formula 1, a fact that has given flagship team Red Bull some headaches.

“Honda has been doing a fantastic job all year long, reliability has been great. And I think, looking at the evolution compared to last year, it was just going the right way. So really looking forward to our last year together in 2021”, says Gasly.

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