Fittipaldi and Grosjean team up at Dale Coyne Racing

Following Romain Grosjean's horror crash at the end of last year, Pietro Fittipaldi replaced him at Haas for the remainder of the season. This year Fittipaldi is again the reserve driver for the American team, but he will also form a duo with Grosjean. The Brazilian let it be known via Twitter and it is of course about the IndyCar.

Ovals are for Fittipaldi

Romain Grosjean will race for Dale Coyne Racing in the IndyCar this year, but only on the regular tracks. The Swiss Frenchman will not race on ovals because it is simply too dangerous and, with his near-death experience in Bahrain, Grosjean wants to limit the risk. So the team needs someone to race the ovals and that is where Fittipaldi comes in.

For Fittipaldi, it is not unfamiliar territory, considering he already competed for Dale Coyne Racing in six races in 2018. He was also supposed to participate in the Indy 500 race, but a crash at Spa-Francorchamps that broke both his legs forced him to forego participation. This year, Fittipaldi will get the chance to do so.

The driver will compete in two races at the Texas Oval on May 1 and 2. Fittipaldi will also participate in the Indy 500 on 30 May.

Good friends

Fittipaldi said the following in the press release: "I’m very happy to be racing the ovals this season in the No. 51 car for Dale Coyne Racing with RWR. I’m especially excited for the Indianapolis 500. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid to race in the Indy 500. All of Dale’s cars were competitive there last year and the last few years, and we’re looking to do the same this year."

"I’m also very happy to be sharing the car with Romain (Grosjean). He’s a good friend of mine. Over the years at Haas F1 we’ve become friends and it’s great to be teammates with him again. Coincidentally the No. 51 is the same number I used in my Formula 1 debut last year so it’s a nice coincidence to have."

Finally, he has a word for Dale Coyne Racing: "I’ve worked with some of the guys at Dale Coyne Racing in the past so I’m happy to be working with them once again. I’m sure we’ll able to do great things. I’m really looking forward to it!"

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