FIA adjusts new ‘track limits’ guidelines for Imola qualification

The FIA is trying to adhere to new guidelines regarding track limits from last weekend's Portuguese Grand Prix. So far, however, it has not managed to keep this up for a whole weekend. In Imola, too, adjustments are needed.

The new directive, which the race management is trying to adhere to, states that drivers may not drive with more than two wheels outside the white line on the inside of the kerbstones. In Portimao, these directives already had to be relaxed because too many lap times were lost.

Relaxation, but also stricter

After the only free practice at Imola, they now come to the same conclusion. In turns nine and fifteen - the Piratella and the Variant Alta - the guidelines have therefore been relaxed. Now their lap time is only taken when they really go off track with all four wheels.

On the other hand, the guidelines for Turn 13 have been tightened up a little. It appears that the Aqua Minerale was not yet on the radar to cut off the track, so that is now forbidden.

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