Ferrari sounded the alarm: ‘Would be a completely wrong message’

As from next season, Formula 1 will have a budget cap of USD 145 million per season. The top teams are faced with a major challenge because, in order to get below this limit, they will have to put many workers to one side. Ferrari foresees a black scenario and therefore makes an appeal to the pinnacle of motorsport.

An exception has already been made for the top teams last year. They have been given a six-month postponement (until June 2021) to reduce their staffing levels, but the coronavirus outbreak makes this more difficult than initially thought. 

Ferrari points to social duty

Ferrari would have preferred to have had more time to redeploy its staff, but Formula 1 did not go along with that. COVID-19 does not make things any easier. "The pandemic is not over," says Mattia Binotto, quoted by

Ferrari's team boss wants to do everything in his power to prevent staff from being thrown out on the streets. That would be a 'completely wrong message' in times like these. "The six-month mechanism needs to be reviewed", said the Italian. "We are trying to move people (within the company) to other cars, because we are a very big company. We have a number of possibilities. But it is a difficult task."

Another six-month postponement

The race team from Maranello would like to get until the end of 2021 in order to find a solution. To this end, discussions with the FIA and other teams will be started shortly. The situation at Red Bull Racing and Mercedes is not entirely clear.

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