Dutch Grand Prix: “Fewer spectators not an option”

With a bit of luck, the Dutch Grand Prix will be held on September 5th next year at Zandvoort. It has been said before that it is useless to host the race without spectators, and this will not happen. However, fewer spectators does not seem to be an option either.

Many drivers are looking forward to the Grand Prix in Zandvoort. Daniel Ricciardo in particular had words of praise for the Dutch fans, and indicated earlier that he hoped to become the "second crowd favourite".

Fewer spectators not an option

Circuit director Robert van Overdijk indicated that the organisation was already hoping for a date in September or October, because then there is a greater chance that the coronavirus will no longer throw a spanner in the works. 

"Without all those enthusiastic card purchasers and sponsors we would never have been able to achieve this. The Formula 1 summit also wants all those beautiful pictures of an Orange Sea to go out into the world. This has to become a kind of showcase towards other circuits. It's now up to us to prove that," said van Overdijk to De Telegraaf.

A race without, or even with less spectators is therefore not a viable scenario as far as the organization is concerned. "Of course I get the question: can it be done with half the number of spectators? No, that is not possible. Our preparations are completely focused on more than 100,000 fans a day. If that doesn't work, the management of Formula 1 would have to step in."

The last Grand Prix in Zandvoort was also held at the end of the summer. It took place at the end of August 1985, with Niki Lauda the winner.

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