Aston Martin F1 wants to learn a lot from Vettel: “A great mentor for Lance”

Aston Martin F1 makes its comeback in Formula 1 after six decades. In February, the transformed Racing Point will show its new Aston Martin F1 car to the world and officially show its driver duo. Team boss Otmar Szafnauer hopes to learn a lot from Sebastian Vettel.

With a tweet, the team teased the F1 enthusiast with the possible livery of the new F1 car; green with yellow shades. The launch event in February in Gaydon, UK, Aston Martin's headquarters, will show this.

Quadruple World Champion Sebastian Vettel will join the old Racing Point team and will race with Lance Stroll. The structure remains largely the same. Thus, Otmar Szafnauer remains the team boss and Lawrence Stroll is still the owner.

Szafnauer hopes to learn a lot from Vettel

The new team is a very ambitious project and during the F1 2020 season there have been noises several times from the Stroll camp to fight for victories and possibly even go for the title. With Vettel they think it is possible. quotes team boss Szafnauer: “He will raise the team to a different level and I'm sure it will be 1,000 little things that he will help us improve that can then take us to a new level.

“I think he'll bring with him a World Champion work ethic and that's what we all want to learn from. Everyone's going to have to raise their game and he will be a great mentor for Lance too. He's still relatively young and very fast, and it’s great for Lance to learn from a four-time world champion.”

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