Albon: ‘Red Bull’s earlier decision didn’t help’

Alexander Albon had to give up his seat at Red Bull last year. In his place Sergio Perez joined the team of Max Verstappen. Yet it took Red Bull quite some time to come to a decision

It was only in December that it was announced that Albon would no longer be driving for Red Bull in Formula 1. Still, the Thai doesn't think an earlier decision would have made much difference. "I don’t think it would have changed too much. I mean the team was late because the choice was late as well. It was to see how things would progress and truthfully things were going better but obviously it was still a bit too late," he told

Progression in results

In the interview, Albon admits that the results were not as hoped. "Firstly, I was slightly down on experience – that’s one thing I can say,” Albon added. “It felt like during the year, working with my engineer, we were just getting an understanding of what needed to be done to get the performance out of it. That was just an ongoing process. It felt like things were definitely clicking, more and more towards the end of the year – maybe some results weren’t great but the general path was improvement."

So this year, Albon won't be in Red Bull's car as much. Nevertheless, he has played an important role in the development of the RB16B. He provides the Austrian team with valuable information. With this they hope to have an optimal car.

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