Albon: I’d make the same move on Hamilton again | 2020 F1 season

Alexander Albon says he has no regrets about the overtaking move he attempted on Lewis Hamilton in the Austrian Grand Prix which led to the two colliding.

Hamilton was penalised for the collision, which dropped Albon out of the points places late in the race. Albon doesn’t believe Hamilton intentionally collided with him and said it was just “bad circumstances” that the pair had made contact twice in the least three races.

“We didn’t speak afterwards,” said Albon in today’s FIA press conference. “There wasn’t too much for me to say, I think, it is what it is.

“I’m sure Lewis didn’t intend to make contact. But not too much to say, really, we’re just focused straight away into race two.”

Albon insisted he wasn’t at fault for the collision. “The way the corner is, the exit point of where you take that corner is not where it looks like,” he said.

“A certain camera angle, where I saw people saying ‘there’s a car length to go still’, you don’t exit at that point, the exit point’s a lot later into the corner just because turn four is quite long. So unless I kind of drove up to the edges of track and then turned again, that’s the only real way to give myself more space.”

The Red Bull driver said he wouldn’t hesitate to attempt a similar move in the future. “I’d do the same thing again,” he said. “It has to be done.

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“You can’t wait around, especially when they’re at a tyre disadvantage. There’s no waiting to be done, really, because obviously we knew they had a pace advantage and it was just a matter of time until the front tyres warmed up. So there’s no real regret to that.”

Despite his penalty for the incident, Hamilton still finish the race in fourth place, while Albon dropped out of the points and later retired.

“At the very beginning it’s a bit frustrating because you’re the one to lose out in the situation,” Albon added. “But I think just to make it fair, the way it’s ruled is that they want all the penalties to apply the same way, so no matter what the crash or consequences. I’m kind of happy that that is the situation.

“Of course it just means that we lost out a bit more than we would have liked.”

Albon’s team mate Max Verstappen also believes Hamilton didn’t deliberately cause the collision.

“It was just that’s unfortunate that happened,” said Verstappen. “I think it was a great move for Alex you go around the outside there, I think not many people do that.”

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