URGENT re Battery Degradation GM Test Procedure

OK everyone, this is kinda urgent -- my car is in the shop today. It literally is about to go over to 100k and I took it in to get the main traction battery checked, and some other, minor problems.

The dealer service department called and said that they checked for error codes and that the battery is ok, however they said that there is no real 'test' procedure for the main battery that they could give me a printout on.

I vaguely recall that someone on here posted images of data print-outs from a dealership test done on his Volt's main traction battery, showing the condition of the battery.... A bunch of numbers, to my untrained eye.

What exactly was that test and printout? I cant find it and would like to be able to ask the dealer to do X-test on the car to get the info.

This is really important to me because the warranty is just about to die.

Yesterday I got a little over 21 miles on a charge, so while there are no fault codes on the battery, I'd like to get a better, more detailed idea of its actual state of health before the warranty ends.

GM has no test procedure?

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