“Unable to charge” – clicking EVSE, no red lights, occasional success but then drops connection

This problem just started - I initially thought my L2 charger broke again because I found it clicking and the amber light on the car's charge indicator. Opened the car and had "unable to charge" message and a CEL when I started driving. When I got home I checked voltage on the 12V battery, all good. I disconnected it for a couple minutes which did clear the CEL but the car still won't charge.

When I plug in the L2 or L1 charger (I've now tried both) it seems like it's failing at the handshake. The charger keeps clicking and the car keeps trying to establish a connection. It eventually stops but then starts trying to handshake again in a minute or two. It will occasionally get a green light on the dash and the horn chirp, but within about 30 seconds it stops charging and starts trying to handshake again.

It's a 2012 with 73k miles so I think my Voltec is over just based on age. The charge port seems like a likely culprit here, what do folks think? Replacing it seems quite easy to attempt myself and it's not an expensive part at least.

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