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We have shown you dozens of electric car conversions over the years, but you must never have seen one such as this. It even allowed the vehicle in question to have summon function, which also makes it one of the most complete and complicated we have ever seen. Just make no mistake: this is a car you will never use to transport anything. After all, it is the conversion of a 1:150 scale model into a remote-controlled machine.

Tomytec created the tiny car, and it represents a Toyota Crown. The video starts by presenting the original toy and its disassembly, which takes no more than ten seconds of the total four minutes. All the rest is about the mindblowing skills of this “manufacturer.”

The only elements that remain in the tiny car are the Toyota Crown body and the wheels. These last ones are heavily modified and receive real rubber tires.

When they are ready, this real artist proceeds to make them turn and move by themselves. That is accomplished with an LA4-466FB motor. A 3.7V, 40 mAh Li-Po battery is placed on the floor, to keep a low center of mass. Mind you: that is just the beginning.

The person that did this diminutive EV also managed to make the wheels turn with another electric motor – an LA4-503AC2. He also used gears, a motor driver (DRV8835), a microcontroller (ATtiny 1616), capacitors, and lots of hair-thin wires on the work. But it would not be complete without programming, which he also took care of.

The result is a mesmerizing video that shows what may be the smallest RC car of all time. We just wish we knew who this person is and if this is the first time he makes such a teeny EV conversion. South Korean readers, In case you know more about this artisan and his work, please let us know more by contacting us through or our Facebook page.

Source: 유튜브 보여주는 호랑이 

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