Parking Assist Blocked – See Owner’s Manual

It was a vehicle on the lot that I purchased on Thursday and picked up Saturday morning... so you would think a proper PDI would have caught this since it's kind of a glaring error... it had 77km on it. The reverse camera works but the park assist message constantly comes on and when you push the P button on the centre console the little orange light no longer comes on (it does once in a blue moon). Also is park assist supposed to beep when you get close to objects like my previous vehicle did? Or is it purely visual? The car has never beeped once for any type of park assist, but the once in a blue moon that it actually shows up on the screen. A few times the screen showing the bars has come up for a few seconds but then the Park Assist Blocked error comes up.

I'm going to take it into the dealer tomorrow morning and hope they solve it quickly, as everything else with the vehicle has been an absolute dream compared to my old Range Rover that I traded in.

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