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COLORADO SPRINGS — This month, two local groups want to encourage Colorado Springs residents to take one out for a test drive. If you do, you could get something in return.

The "EV Test Drive Challenge" runs through October 3 and gives participants a chance to win a number of different prizes if they show they have recently test driven an electric car.

Car salesman Jacob Abbott is proud of his work.

"I'm the only car sales professional you'll ever need in Colorado Springs Colorado," Abbott said.

He's been a salesman at Mike Maroone Chevrolet North for a bit now.

"I've been doing this for seven years after the military," he said.

Over those years, one particular kind of car he sells just keeps getting more popular--electric ones.

"We have customers inquiring about these vehicles all the time," Abbot said.

"We know that once people do try out electric vehicles, they tend to get hooked," Said Jon Hunter of the Southern Colorado Clean Cities Coalition.

The Southern Colorado Clean Cities Coalition has partnered with the American Lung Association in past years to hold gatherings, letting people check out and test drive an assortment of electric vehicles, all at once.

"From the American lung perspective, we're very interested in reducing tailpipe emissions as a means of protecting air quality," Hunter said.

But this year, things weren't so simple.

"In the past we've liked to do test drive opportunities where we would have a bunch of cars in one place... bring them to crowds of people," Hunter said. But obviously this year, we don't have the crowds of people."

So all month long, they're holding the "EV Test Drive Challenge."

"People can take test drives at local dealerships," Hunter said.

If they do, they'll be entered into a drawing to win a number of different prizes.

"I think it's a very smart initiative to have," Abbott said.

For him, the cars keep selling.

"We sell anywhere from two to five of these each and every month depending on the inventory we have," he said.

And he can't wait to see where they go from here.

"I'm waiting on electric trucks. It would be great to see and electric truck," he said.

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