has anyone removed the airbag pillar cover to run wires for their dascam or backup camera?

Yes, I did this on my 2012 Volt years ago.

I disconnected the 12 volt battery first. I then pried off the the plastic cover - part 1 in the picture below. The picture is of the passenger side, but you get the idea. I used my fingernail to pry off part 1, and had sore nails for several days, but did not damage any plastic. After removing bolt 2, the panel came off easily. I used a semi-stiff wire to poke up from the fuse box area by the OBDC connector to the base of the A-pillar. I could then pull the dashcam wire through, and connect it to the proper place in the fusebox.

I was careful to route and secure the dashcam wire so that it would not be in the way of the airbag.


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