Gallons of water in trunk, high voltage modules shorted, and warranty refused

Hi everyone,
One of the primary reasons that I bought the Volt was that excellent electric drivetrain warranty. It fit my commuting needs prior to COVID-19, but it's mostly been sitting since March. I've been working from home.

I started it up about a week ago, and the car showed flashed a significant battery error message before the screen went blank. I called the dealer with the list of fault codes (below), and they said it was covered under warranty. On Monday, I had to have it towed as it would only move itself out of the driveway.

It turns out there were several gallons of water in the trunk. We've had a lot of rain over the past month. I did not leave the doors or trunk open and I didn't spill anything. Since this is the location of many of the high voltage modules, they're all fried. The dealership has stated that it's not under warranty, and the repair cost is a significant portion of the value of the vehicle.

Has anyone encountered anything like this? The car has had a "funk" smell to it periodically for years, and this must have been the cause. I had searched under the seats and in door pockets to find rotten food, but to no avail. The leak has likely been present for a long time.

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