Fuel Door Sensor P04B6 Easy Fix

I've been ignoring the cel for months knowing it was just the fuel door sensor. The message "Ready to Refuel" would stay on after finishing at the pump. Sometimes if I would open and close the door 10 or 20 times it would start working again and the light would go off.

I read another post here where the dealer fixed it by replacing the fuel door housing for $280. That part is about $45 on Amazon, but the picture there shows the sensor, and it's pretty easy to get to. It is a cheap microswitch with a flimsy sheet metal actuator.

You can reach it with your finger, it's on the side of the housing behind the hinge (see photos). Exercise it a bit if it's stuck, or bend the actuator a bit to help it contact the hinge. Worked for me. The error code P04B6 went away, and the "Ready to Refuel" message goes away when I close the fuel door now.

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