Extended warranty- is it worth it?

Just purchased a CPO 2017 LT w/ 17,500 miles for $16,300. I got the extended warranty from the dealer (although it’s through Ally, not GM) which is an additional 7 years, up to 100k miles for an additional $2,400.

I have 60 days to cancel for a full refund, so I’m still thinking it through- is it really worth it? The only way I could think to possibly answer this question is to come here and ask others what their experience has been with an extended warranty and with failures at high mileage. Are there any commons failures that could add up to over $2,400 within the first 10 years of the life of the vehicle?

I’m able to keep a personal fund of $2,400 to use in case of repairs, so should I just do that instead of taking the warranty?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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