Chevy Volt – Unable to start or run

Hello all,

We have a 2013 Chevy Volt that I am having an issue with. I am unable to turn it on and get it running, particularly with using the engine. I have had some issues over the last week keeping it consistently running which lead me to replacing the 12v battery (I used a group 47 AGM battery) which helped for a minute, but did not resolve the issue entirely. It was being used today and being used on the primary driving battery, when that was near running out, the car starting throwing numerous errors, Propulsion System, StabiliTrack, numerous other systems freaking out indicating further electrical issue. As it stands, if I put the car on a 12v supply (e.g. jumping it) I can get the engine going again, but the engine will quickly shut off after a few moments.

All of this acts like an alternator failure would in a traditional ICE powered vehicle, but I know these Volts do not have an alternator. It is my understanding that these have an APM in it's place to maintain the 12v battery. If so, do you all think that is the culprit? If not, any ideas?


Edit: If you guys think it is the APM/Inverter.. I have the MSE465D variant, is the MSE716 compatible as a replacement?

Edit 2: The car has DTCs of P0751 and P0700

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