Carlisle’s new electric car charging point sparks debate amongst readers – News & Star

A story posted this week about a new charging point for electric cars, which has been been installed in Carlisle, drew a wide range of responses.

Some questioned the quality of the technology at this present time, with others vowing that the vehicles represent the future on our roads.

Reader Bob Pearson took to Facebook in positive tone, speaking of his optimism regarding the rising usage of electric vehicles.

"Superb, the way forward," he simply said.

Reader Gerard Champney also spoke of the financial advantages of electric cars when compared with petrol or diesel models, an advantage that is often overlooked.

He stated: "The average range of an electric vehicle is just under 200 miles. The average daily mileage is 20 miles, so unless it's a special trip, range isn't a problem.

"Most people charge over night and only need a top up if they are on a long trip. The average cost to fully charge an electric vehicle is £6- so they're far cheaper to run."

Joe Critchley did, however, warn fellow readers of some of the current pitfalls of owning an electric vehicle: “I drove one a few years back and was horrendous.

He also added his dismay at the uncomfortable nature of the vehicles as well as expressing some safety concerns.

"It was just a two seater, but was very cramped, the steering wheel was in the centre, stupid seatbelts that mostly just went around your neck.

"Not very responsive or controllable. Luckily it did have decent bumpers as it just seemed to want to crash into everything.

He concluded: "I really wouldn’t recommend them at all..."

Ian Tyson took a pragmatic approach stating his belief that electric cars are the way forward but positing that the technology is not quite developed enough, as yet.

He said: "I guess its the future somehow but it still needs huge advancements to become an everyday thing."

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