Cadillac says new electric SUV’s features take on Tesla –

The Lyriq also will be able to park itself in parallel or perpendicular spaces without the driver being in the vehicle, similar to technology offered by Tesla. It also has direct current fast-charging capability, but charging times weren’t released.

Jaguar’s I-Pace and Audi’s e-tron fell short of the Model Y on range, with the I-Pace going 234 miles per charge and the e-tron SUV at 222 miles.

Cox Automotive Executive Analyst Michelle Krebs said having a range of over 300 miles is important to customers, who in surveys still express fears of running out of juice in an electric vehicle. People also are concerned about charging vehicles outside their homes, but that network should be vastly better by the time the Lyriq goes on sale, she said. Tesla, which has its own global network of chargers, giving it an advantage over competitors.

Cadillac may check all the boxes to compete with Tesla, but it can’t match the brand and the mystique of CEO Elon Musk, who also leads rocket company SpaceX, Krebs said.

“People buy a Tesla because it’s a Tesla,” she said. “Tesla has done an amazing job of building a brand, doing it without advertising and marketing, just pure enthusiasm from consumers.”

To make inroads, Cadillac will have to change the way it sells electric vehicles, offering long test drives with delivery and pickup of test vehicles at the customer’s convenience, she said.

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