ECU Repair and Replacement


A computer is at the heart of a modern vehicle, and a faulty “electronic control unit” can be responsible for weak performance poor fuel economy or inaccurate braking, engine stalls/ freezing and overheating. The Electronic Control Unit can be the cause of some of these issues and should the engine light remains on it is essential this brought to the attention of our technicians; we use the latest equipment to provide you with an accurate diagnostic to expedite repairs.

Sounds expensive; there is positive news, replacements of the electronic control unit is costly, ranging between 800 and 2700 pounds for a particular make and model of a car; because we repair or reprogramme the CPU, we can do this at a fraction of the cost.


Remapping is when A&L Auto use a standardised process to clone the ECU “Electronic Control Unit”. The Remapping system uses calibration methods and engine strategies that produce a regulated operational output within manufacturer specifications. These are calibration methods in use on tens of thousands of vehicles worldwide. The process comes from research and development by companies with an excellent record of delivering fantastic engine software calibration. We Remap the car’s engine control unit (ECU) by overwriting the existing settings with new software, with many benefits: We can clone a Gearbox, adjust fuel injection, airflow, sensors as correct a range of engine management problem.