Weekend Warrior Camper Vans – The Volkswagen Caddy Mini-Camper Has 19 Assistance Systems (TrendHunter.com)

Taking off for a long or short-term trip in a vehicle has become quite common amongst urbanites seeking to escape city life, which is seeing vehicle manufacturers support this with options like the Volkswagen Caddy Mini-Camper. The vehicle is designed with a panoramic glass rooftop that will enable sleepers to enjoy stargazing from the comfort of the interior where a two-meter-long sleeping section is situated. The vehicle is outfitted with 19 different assistant systems that will work to support the travelers and make life on the road a little easier including Travel Assist, Trailer Assist, Rear Traffic alerts, Side Assist and more.

The Volkswagen Caddy Mini-Camper comes in 73 and 120 horsepower options, and are positioned to be explained further come September 2020.

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