Wedge-Shaped Supercars – The Conceptual Lancia Cargo Stratos Pushes Design Boundaries (

The conceptual Lancia Cargo Stratos has been designed by Joaquin Obligado as a new iteration of the Lancia Stratos Zero vehicle from the 1970s to help modernize the retro-futuristic car. The vehicle features a wedge-shaped nose that hugs the ground, while the rear section gracefully ascends to help it cut through city streets with ease. A series of straight, edgy lines help to further enhance its aerodynamic aesthetic and is further accented by two headlights that sit right on the surface of the vehicle.

The conceptual Lancia Cargo Stratos draws design inspiration from the past in a future-facing manner to help rethink what a futuristic vehicle might look like and create a striking model we're likely to reference for years to come.

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