Upgraded Engine SUVs – The PaxPower 2012 Ford Bronco V8 SUV Has Impressive Upgrades (TrendHunter.com)

The PaxPower 2012 Ford Bronco V8 SUV has been unveiled by the Houston-based brand as an upcoming modified version of the namesake vehicle that will be launching next year. The vehicle is fitted with a number of impressive upgrade including the V8 engine that is a major overhaul of the four and six-cylinder motor options that are available from Ford. The trend vehicle will deliver 400 horsepower along with Ford's 10-speed automatic transmission to deliver 90 more horsepower than what the vehicle is projected to launch with.

The PaxPower 2012 Ford Bronco V8 SUV is expected to cost an additional amount starting at $30,000 on top of the cost of the vehicle itself to make it a modification option suited for serious drivers only.

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