Ultra-Small AR-Enhanced Car Dealerships – Volkswagen Australia Created Its Smallest Auto Dealership (TrendHunter.com)

According to a recent report, Volkswagen Australia has sold almost 500 vehicles online, a shopping habit largely influenced by the pandemic. Expanding from its online successes this year, the brand is launching a massive shift to its traditional car dealerships by creating "the world's smallest car dealership." The structure is 28cm tall and features an expansive Augmented Reality experience, bringing the online showroom digitally to consumers. The dealership also allows customers to "try on" and customize a car without having to leave their home.

Jason Bradshaw, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer for Volkswagen Australia, said, “Many people wouldn’t think that Aussies are prepared to buy a car online, but they actually are, and the success of our online store is a testament to that. The launch of Volkswagen’s smallest dealership and AR experience is all about making buying a car online easier and more convenient so Aussies can find, test out, and then customize the perfect car for them.”

Image Credit: Volkswagen Australia

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