Sustainable Wooden Electric Bikes – Etree Bikes are Madefrom Ash Wood in Australia (

Etree bikes are pushing the envelope on function-focused electric vehicles and sustainable production. The company utilizes ash wood sourced eco-consciously from European forests. Due to the nature of the material, Etree is able to guarantee the strong and durable frame of its two-wheelers. There is another benefit to the wooden frame—"it dampens vibration for a smoother ride, while also appearing lighter in weight than similar high-performance electric bicycles."

The company also gives back to the environment more boldly. For every Etree bike sold, the brand plants a tree to help the environment. In addition to the natural wooden frame, which is also waterproof via four-way coating and sealing, the Etree bike boasts an ergonomic saddle seat for comfort, an easily changeable and powerful battery, and a high motor range.

Image Credit: Etree

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