Sustainable Battery Cycles – The BMW Group is Developing Innovative and Recyclable Battery Cells (

The BMW Group is reportedly working to optimize the sustainable battery cycle in its electric vehicles. Through this eco-conscious project, the brand is looking to "penetrate all aspects of the battery cell value chain: from [the] selection of materials to battery cell composition and design, all the way to near-standard production and recycling." The pilot plan is scheduled for late 2022.

Naturally, during the development of the sustainable battery cycle, the BMW Group is emphasizing the importance of quality, performance, and cost. If the company succeeds in its sustainable battery cycle design, the initiative will make them "the first car manufacturer to cover the entire process chain for electric driving." This is beneficial as the brand is increasing its electric models on the road, with 25 expected by 2023.

Image Credit: Frank Wienstroth- photos BMW

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