Stout Off-Road Adventure Vehicles – The SHERP ATV Easily Handles Off-Road Environments (

Getting out into the wilderness for an adventure has become essential for the growing number of weekend warriors, so the SHERP ATV is a stout off-road vehicle that's positioned as the perfect way to easily handle demanding environments. The vehicle is capable of easily climbing over obstacles up to two feet in height and is also capable of handling aquatic environments. Drivers can take advantage of an 8.2-foot turning radius to easily get out of tight areas, while also providing support for a climbing gradient of 35-degrees.

The SHERP ATV features a 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engined under the hood that can deliver 44 horsepower, and can achieve nearly 25mph on land and 4mph when in the water. A 17.7-gallon fuel tank is reported to deliver 2,500 miles of driving range.

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