Stealth Carbon Composite Yachts – The Mazu 82 Yacht Offers Multifunctional Deck Spaces and More (

The Mazu 82 Yacht is one of the latest offerings from the Turkey-based company that will provide passengers with an opulent experience when onboard that will rival the offerings of the competition. The yacht is achieved with carbon composites and bulletproof glass, and combines cutting-edge technology with modern styling to make it a stealthy vessel on the water. The retractable sunroof allows ample light in during the day or breathtaking sky views at night and helps to further enhance the bright interior and multifunctional deck spaces.

The Mazu 82 Yacht is 25 meters in length and is powered by a series of three Volvo Penta IPS engines that will pump out 1,000 horsepower for a speedy yet smooth cruising speed of up to 40 knots.

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