Smart City Transportation Solutions – The Conceptual Volkswagen ‘MUT. E’ Has a Flexible Membrane (

The conceptual Volkswagen 'MUT. E' is an ultra-futuristic transportation solution that would provide citizens of an urban area with the ability to get around town on their own terms. The mobility solution would work by being summoned by the passenger via their smartphone and would provide them with a customized seat thanks to an adjustable design. The flexible design of the vehicle itself would shift in order to accommodate the needs of one or more riders to keep them in the utmost comfort as they traverse city streets.

The conceptual Volkswagen 'MUT. E' is the design work of Dayvid Almeida and is the first place winner of the 20th Michelin Design Challenge 2020. The transportation concept is imagined for the year 2035 to help reduce traffic congestion and further eliminate the need for individual vehicle ownership.

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