Slickly Futuristic Sports Cars – The Audi GT Concept by Jordan Gendler is Stylishly Modern (

The Audi GT concept has been designed by Jordan Gendler as a futuristic transportation solution that embraces some of the aesthetics of the TT Quattro with a range of new, futuristic accents. The vehicle features a set of hidden headlights that remain embedded into a notch that runs across the entire perimeter of the car in a belt-like fashion. This is paired with a fastback curve in the rear that sports a continuous design in order to create more visual continuity.

The Audi GT concept also highlights a split-color paint finish that boasts a nude carbon fiber pattern on the bottom section along with a metallic finish on the top. A panoramic sunroof goes from the front to the back and further enhances the futuristic aesthetic of the vehicle.

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